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Nest Protectors on Duty!

Nest Protectors on Duty!

EJES “dudes” - Are you interested in being more present at EJES and providing a positive male influence on our students in between our All Pro Dads meetings once a month? We would love to have a group of EJES “dudes” transform into our EJES Nest Protectors by getting to school early and helping to open car doors and greeting students as they get off the bus. If you are interested, feel free to sign up for as many days as you would like using our link below! *Our next All Pro Dad event is March 20, so you could come to that and transition straight into being a Nest Protector.*

**Click on the link above, select your day and add your name. Then, fill out the required information. Arrive by 7:10 for your Nest Protector duty. You must check-in at the front office to get your visitor’s badge and head to your morning duty. If you have never had your ID run through our system, make sure you have your ID ready. After your duty, feel free to stop by your child's room to give them a hug and well wishes for a successful day!**

Remember, every door swing is a small act of love!

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